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Meet the Masterminds

Behind Cohen Creative Designs

Allow us to introduce you to the talented individuals who make up the heart and soul of Cohen Creative Designs. Our team is a diverse and dynamic group of creative minds, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Together, we're dedicated to turning your vision into reality.

Welcome to Cohen Creative Designs, led by founder Christina Cohen, a renowned life and business coach. We offer a unique approach to branding, campaign creation, and digital advertising, with a focus on personal growth and professional development.

Christina's expertise guides our team in developing marketing strategies that align with your brand and values. Whether it's branding, digital advertising, social media management, graphic design, or coaching, we deliver results tailored to your specific goals.

Our personalized approach ensures every project suits your unique needs. Our blend of advertising, marketing, and coaching sets us apart, emphasizing both business success and personal growth.

Contact us today to elevate your advertising and marketing strategies.

Our Story

Who We Help

Our true passions are to provide men and women with next-level status in their life and business.


During our free consultation, we will discover what your goals are, what's important to you, and overall what you're trying to achieve. This will allow both of us to see if we fit. From there, we will write a plan designed specifically for you and your achievements. We will continue to work closely together to get you where you want to be.


Discovering who you are meant to be without the social conditioning of the world we live in will help you get unstuck and prosper.  Developing a mindset that will improve all areas of your life.

Meet The Team

Christina Cohen 

CEO & Founder  

Hello, I'm Christina Cohen, Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Life and Business Coach. I'm blessed to be a mother of three children and a wife to my business partner and best friend, Ross Cohen.


I speak fluently in the realm of design, which is why I opened Cohen Creative Designs in 2014. I chose this business because I want to help others overcome their limiting beliefs. Clients will discover themselves in loving relationships that work. Clients also have the courage to change careers and manifest their dreams into reality.


I practice what preach; being a wife, and mother, and this career choice holds me accountable to stay true to my mission. "I want to leave a legendary impression. I will do this through creativity, determination, and integrity so I can live a life full of laughter, health, and wealth and lead others to pursue."

Carrie Jarvi

Marketing Coordinator

Carrie Jarvi serves as the Marketing Coordinator at Cohen Creative Designs, where she orchestrates marketing strategies to bolster the company's brand. Her duties encompass managing social media, crafting content, and evaluating campaign performance.


Collaborating with design and sales teams, she ensures the creation of cohesive marketing materials that enhance brand awareness and customer engagement. Carrie's multi-tasking capability, attention to detail, and creativity are key to her essential role in driving the company's marketing efforts.

Alex Contreras

Graphic Designer 

Alex is a FGCU Graduate, with a major in Digital Media Design.


He is incredibly talented and exceeds our expectations every day. You can give them any task if it's a mock-up, a flyer, a graphic, a video, or any other design element, and they will accomplish it with amazing detail.


See what he can create for you!

Jennifer Dunshie

Senior Graphic Designer 

With a decade of experience, she excels in both digital and print design, demonstrating versatility and adaptability. Her portfolio features a wide range of innovative designs, including brand identities, marketing campaigns, and interactive web designs, all marked by meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of color theory.

Jennifer's ability to merge artistic skill with strategic insight makes her a pivotal figure in the graphic design community and a valuable asset to her team.

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